Maybe you’re stressing out about your busy schedule, running late for work or patiently telling your screaming toddler why she can’t play with a steak knife, but it could always be worse: a UFO could be destroying your house right this minute. Calamityware by artist Don Moyer reminds you of all sorts of potential disasters as you enjoy your coffee or tea in the morning, from angry robot overlords to Bigfoot on a rampage.

calamityware 3 calamityware 5

The navy blue and white design mimics traditional patterns so that upon first glance, you might think the print is nothing more than a conventional pastoral scene. Look closer and you’ll see pterodactyls plucking tiny human figures off bridges, massive sea monsters, the world’s most terrifying frog and other extinct and mythological creatures. There are even robot faces hidden within the decorative motif at the top.

calamityware 4

The artist calls this mug ‘Things-Could-Be-Worse,’ and it’s part of an ongoing Calamityware series that also includes plates, prints and bandannas. The project has already far out-earned its goal on Kickstarter to go into full production, but you can still back it and get a set of your very own.