C Clamp Table

Tables are simple objects in their own right, but can we break them down to their most essential components and add some whimsy in the process?

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Here’s one beautiful idea with lovely industrial-style execution using C-clamps and everyday objects to create surprisingly sturdy and stylish off the cuff results. One could see these cast-and-lathed supports in a workshop and easily suppose they were tools of construction rather than material components.

C Clamp table briefcase

Shaped metal grips are made to avoid lasting damage on whatever surface you choose, though some padding both above and below might not be a bad idea if they are truly intended to be used with unique antique objects like books and suitcases.

C Clamp table book

Where this student work by Israeli designer Yael Zwickel could really take off, though, is in the height – as of right now, there is no means of adjusting the heights of the legs themselves, as the threading effect might suggest. Hopefully this will be a consideration prior to mass production.

DIY metal stool legs

Still, the flexibility of each leg is, as it stands, quite impressive – they can be used for variable-height objects or items that vary in thickness from one part to the next, making unwieldy shapes into practical rounded-or-flat-topped chairs, stools or coffee tables.

Here’s how Yael describes herself and her work, translated from Hebrew:

I am a graduate of the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) with a degree in industrial design. I created ‘Preet’ with the desire to bring a fresh breeze, With a personal and original statement into the design world. I design according to your needs. I work with nonprofits that employ mentally disabled people that make me the products I design. I also design for startups and entrepreneurs who have an innovative product idea. And need the right person to accompany them throughout the process.”