Beautiful idea, lovely industrial-style execution – one could see these cast-and-lathed supports in a workshop and easily suppose they were tools of construction rather than material components.

Shaped metal grips are made to avoid lasting damage, though some padding both above and below might not be a bad idea if they are truly intended to be used with unique antique objects like books and suitcases.

Where this student work by Israeli designer Yael Zwickel could really take off, though, is in the height Рas of right now, there is no means of adjusting the heights of the legs themselves, as the threading effect might suggest. Hopefully this will be a consideration prior to mass production.

Still, the flexibility of each leg is, as it stands, quite impressive – they can be used for variable-height objects or items that vary in thickness from one part to the next, making unwieldy shapes into practical rounded-or-flat-topped chairs, stools or coffee tables.