A company that sells prefabricated cabin kits is offering what they bill as the world’s first and only ‘certified’ zombie-proof survivalist cabin, delivered in 40 days for just $146,000. High-grade interlocking logs are square-cut on the ends so zombies can’t use them to climb onto the roof, and the upper deck provides a 360-degree vantage point as well as an escape hatch. “Get yours before they get you!”

The log cabin has a protected garden area for growing your own food, an arsenal storage unit for weapons, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living area equipped for all of your zombie apocalypse entertainment needs, including an Xbox and a sound system. There’s also a workout room, a fireplace, storage areas and three bunk beds. Optional items include a ‘big bear water cannon,’ flame throwers, riot protection outfits and security cameras.

“Even for the skeptics who still walk amongst us we urge absolute caution and can only advise that ‘just in case’ for the maximum protection possible this really could be a lifesaving purchase,” says Tiger Log Cabins, a UK-based company. “Not only is the building strong and secure enough to stop any zombie from getting inside, but even zombie invaders were to breach the boundaries of your land, the design is intelligent enough to give you fantastic and safe vantage points to use any artillery you have whether it’s light or dark outside.”

The cabin measures 44 by 30 feet and a second level in one area, so it’s got a surprising amount of square footage. That means you don’t have to force your friends and family to duke it out in a battle to the death in order to win a spot in your zombie-hunting pod.

They’re serious enough about this unique prefab survivalist cabin to offer a 10-year anti-zombie guarantee, but the company notes, “We require medical evidence of the presence of a real zombie should you wish to claim.”