We intuitively like stability and question any design that looks liable to fall over, yet an unstable system is engaging in its own way – take this set of ladders, for instance, held up by what they in turn hold up: a series of cabinet-and-shelving boxes spanning between each step.

In much the same way a keystone slots into position to hold all of arch-cut rocks around it in place, the storage-oriented elements are critical to supporting each ladder on which they sit – the completed prototype structure from Kempott ‘locks’ into place only when fully assembled.

As a result, there are no fasteners required making each module independently mobile – easy to build, add to, disassemble and move in little time. Of course, it also means good things for mass-production and public consumption: you can buy a few pieces and add to the system over time with additional box/shelf elements vertically and more ladders to make it longer.

Come to think of it, even if these do not become available to buy, you could probably find the requisite parts – or something very close – at your local Ikea for your own DIY version.