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Candlelight adds a beautiful, romantic glow to any room…but it’s also dangerous, especially if the scene is pretty enough to lull you to sleep. Designer Lars Beller Fjetland created a simple but ingenious way to protect your home from accidental candle fires with no extra effort on your part.

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The candle holder is called Moment – a reference to the suspense that builds as you watch a candle burn down to its very end and suddenly extinguish itself. That brief, flickering moment is tweaked just a bit with this contraption.

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Instead of the candle burning down to its very end, Moment causes a little cap to flip over and put out the flame when it burns close to the bottom. You don’t need to be ultra-vigilant to make sure the candle doesn’t burn down enough to start a fire…although it’s never a great idea to leave a candle unattended.

The designer was inspired by a trip to a museum where he happened upon a collection of 19th century candelabra. One of them was equipped with a similar candle extinguisher; Fjetland simplified the idea and redesigned it to give it a modern and streamlined look.