It can certainly be fun when surprise visitors show up on your doorstep, but once you’ve caught up and shared a meal together, the question of whether or not they’ll need to stay overnight always arises. Cue thoughts of dragging a heavy cot up from the basement or clearing the living room so that creaky sofa bed can be pulled out.

The designers behind Bundle Beds have removed all the anguish and made it incredibly easy to welcome house guests — or to take a comfy bed with you on your own travel adventures.

One Bundle Bed weighs just 14 pounds, so it’s quite easy to lug around. It includes a comfortable self-inflating mattress (good-bye foot pumps), a warm comforter and cover, a pillow and pillowcase, and a soft jersey cotton fitted sheet.

The bed rolls up easily into a handy carrying roll, and when it’s unrolled and ready for use, it measures six-foot-three-inches long by two-feet wide.

The designers recommend storing your Bundle Bed in its unrolled state so it’s easier to inflate it the next time you need it. Keep it filled with air and in a dry place, like under a bed or behind a sofa. “Because the mattress foam tends to ‘remember’ the shape it holds most often, your mattress will self-inflate faster if it is stored unrolled,” they explain.

While a Bundle Bed is perfect for house guests and your kids’ sleepovers, it can also be toted to a music festival or taken on a hardcore camping trip. Tough terrain? No problem. The bed will even work well on a sandy beach, as the cover is water-resistant, and you can take the whole thing apart to wash it if necessary. Of course, the company does recommend laying a ground cloth under the bed if you’re not going to be sleeping inside a tent. With any luck, this will help prevent sharp rocks or branches from puncturing your Bundle Bed.

If you come from a family of campers, you’ll be happy to know you can purchase different-colored beds so there are no mix-ups. There’s a gray model with teal straps and a matching teal duvet cover, a gray one with orange straps and duvet cover, and a navy bed with yellow straps and duvet cover. Every one of these colorways comes with a white and navy-striped pillowcase.

Each bed is a single, but if you want to snuggle up with a special someone, you can always pull two together using the special Bundle Bed fitted sheet.

Companionship of a different kind was reported in a message to Bundle Beds HQ. New parent Eric explained that his infant son was not sleeping well — which was leaving his wife feeling absolutely exhausted. “I unfurled the bed next to him, and between sleep and feeds every few hours, got my wife that full night’s sleep whilst also getting some myself. Very comfortable and warm in deepest darkest February.” Now there’s a testimonial.