Any parent will sympathize with the eternal plight that is kids’ play furniture. It’s expensive, it’s always in the way, and eventually they’re probably going to break it or ruin it with markers or nail polish or names carved into the wood. Then what do you do – just throw it away? Oh, the guilt!

customizable kids cardboard furniture

The Cardboard Guys, a trio of furniture entrepreneurs, have created furniture that encourages creativity, can withstand punishment, and can even be recycled when your kids outgrow or wreck it.

kids imagination desk and chair

The flat-pack furniture kit consists of a kid-size desk and chair. Kids as young as five years old can assemble the pieces (though to keep the experience frustration-free they could probably use a hand from Mom or Dad). Each piece is made of super-strong corrugated cardboard that, when assembled, can support an amazing 500 pounds of weight.

the cardboard guys kids imagination cardboard furniture

The desk’s cover is reversible and the desktop includes plenty of cubbies, both of which allow for as much customization as your little one desires. Because it’s all made of cardboard, kids can draw, color, and paint all over it without getting into too much trouble. The cardboard is made from 40%-60% recycled fibers and can be recycled just like any other cardboard when your kids get tired of it and move on to their next favorite toy.

desk and chair

At the time of publication, the only way to get a set is through a Kickstarter campaign. A set of one desk and one chair is going for $75, and assuming that everything goes as planned, the pieces should start shipping in June of 2015.