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A comfy body-cradling modern chair effortlessly distributes weight while remaining light in look and form, just like the large-scale geodesic domes that inspired it. The Q1 Lounge Chair by Ukraine-based designers ODESD2 mimics the shape and function of the dome, consisting of a thin shell made up of triangular elements.

geodesic chair 2

The shape isn’t just visually pleasing, it’s also ergonomic, offering a cozy cushioned seat that supports a variety of positions, whether you want to sit up straight to work or curl into a ball.

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The sharp geometry of the semi-spherical chair is softened by a large cushion that echoes the shape of the frame, upholstered in soft chenille and filled with an environmentally friendly synthetic material.

geodesic chair 6

Fuller’s geodesic dome is a popular shape forming the basis of all sorts of designs, including tents, houseboats and lamps.