Brooklyn Loft Renovation 1

Tearing out a wasteful four-foot drop ceiling and a series of partitions in a Brooklyn loft reveals a bright, open space still filled with reminders of the space’s former use as a die casting factory built in 1913. Architecture firm SABO eliminated all of the boundaries put up during the 1980s residential conversion and added a series of built-ins that put the full potential of the space to work.

Brooklyn Loft Renovation 2

Brooklyn Loft Renovation 3

Taking advantage of the full height of the 12-foot ceilings, the architects installed two lofted spaces above the bathroom and walk-in closet. The staggered wooden storage cabinets above the desk double as stairs to reach a cozy platform.

Brooklyn Loft Renovation 4

Brooklyn Loft Renovation 5

Brooklyn Loft Renovation 6

Weathered concrete pillars add architectural interest to the kitchen and bathroom, contrasting with matte white panels in the former space and a modern pale blue mosaic in the latter. Additional built-in storage in these spaces eliminates clutter, allowing the materiality and geometry of the rooms to shine.