cookie cups

Cookies and milk go together like…well, like cookies and milk. There’s no better culinary pairing as far as we’re concerned. Pastry chef Dominique Ansel decided to go ahead and make the pairing even more amazing by putting them together in a shot glass that’s actually made of a chocolate chip cookie.

milk and cookie shots

Because he’s French and apparently there are better things to eat in France than milk and cookies (though we don’t see how that’s possible), Ansel had never been introduced to the treat. Once he tried it, though, he was inspired to create this beautiful thing that is the edible chocolate chip cookie shot glass. The idea is that you gulp the milk, then eat the glass. Simple brilliance.

chocolate chip cookie shot glasses

You might think that pouring milk into a vessel made of cookie would instantly turn the cookie to mush and make for a very unsavory puddle on the table. Ansel, however, came up with a recipe that ensures the inside stays solid enough to hold the milk while the rest of the cookie is chewy – and the whole thing is, reportedly, delicious. The cookie cups made their debut at SXSW 2014, and Ansel later confirmed that the milk and cookie shots would become a regular menu item at his lovely posh New York bakery.

(images via: Dominique Ansel)