This design will not wow you with its unusual shapes, unique materials or uncanny colors. Their design strength lies in durable, high-quality woods that will not bend or break under heavy weight, and the myriad useful ways a few simple pieces can be assembled.

Each unit is designed to stack in an alternating, brick-like fashion. This is quite intentional, providing additional structural rigidity while also creating various interior volume sizes and allowing complete systems to wrap corners.

Individual Brick Boxes can be reversed so as to display books or other items on one side or the other, correspondingly adding white space to the composition of the other.

Each box can be broken back down, packing flat for extra portability (if not being used to transport books). Their only hint of decor comes via the light wooden edges, adding smaller detail to the larger white-painted surfaces.

Finally, each set of boxes can also be firmly interlocked for more permanent shelf storage, and/or raised up on casters and wheeled around a room. Currently, the the BrickBox is only for sale in Europe – and not entirely cheap, but nor is it cheaply made.

Not shown, but suggested: other pieces of furniture could be constructed out of these as well (tables, chairs or benches, for instance) given their load-bearing capacity.