A simple, modern and monotone wood shelving system on minute … and a breakfast nook-worthy set of two chairs and a table the next. No trick hinges, secret panels, hidden fold-outs or other complex hardware, just an elegant and easy sliding motion to transform between the two use types.

None of the individual design tactics employed here is radically new. In fact, one might say that this represents a return to obvious-but-overlooked strategies in a world where cool convertible and compact furniture has become overloaded with too-new ideas.

What was ?called for in this case was a basic place to sit down, read a newspaper or magazine, then a way to put it all away again without any work.

Sakura Adachi is a well-known fan of space-saving furniture design and has previously integrated seating and shelving, but often in a way that was more complex than necessary. This refined furniture idea strips away the non-essential aspects of earlier pieces, bringing a fresh minimalism back into the contemporary style mix.