Bathroom scale readings vary just enough to always keep hope alive, and everyone has a magical outfit that makes them look svelte as a 17 year old, even after a season filled with eggnog, pies, and potatoes. But if you’re ready to face the bare facts about your body no holds barred, then you might just be ready for Naked Labs‘ newest innovation. This mirrored 3D body scanner reveals all, whether it be very good or in need of some serious improvement.

A Need Fulfilled

Fitness has never been so trendy. People of all ages and physical conditions now count their steps, watch their body fat percentages, live off supplements, and eat superfoods they’ve never heard of in the name of living longer and healthier. But even with all those options, there’s never been a quick way to accurately assess all the factors that contribute to a person’s individual improvement — until now.

“Naked” System Goals

Naked Labs wants you to have all the info you need about your body so you can celebrate what’s going well and concentrate on improving problem areas without spending excessive amounts of time and money on doctors and personal trainers. The system quickly analyzes your physical image, taking measurements of specific parts of the body from head to toe and yielding incredibly accurate body fat percentages.

How It Works

As you stand in front of a full-length mirror, three Intel RealSense depth sensors create a precise 3D model of your body in an amazing 15 seconds. The system’s PC has an Intel x86 processor with 4 gigabytes of RAM and a 64-gigabyte SSD drive to efficiently process information from the camera’s images concurrent with your weight as measured by an ancillary scale. Finally, the system applies its own privately owned and protected algorithms to calculate body fat percentages.

When the scan is completed, all you have to do is use Wi-Fi to pull up all the scan’s valuable information on a mobile app for your review. These in-depth metrics reveal your lean mass and fat mass stats, notable circumferences, and graphs of chronological data to track process.

A Long Journey

CEO Farhad Farahbakhshian, a former electrical engineer and certified spin instructor, introduced the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker to the world back in 2016. At that time, he crowdfunded the project on the company website. Naked Labs ended up missing the proposed March 2017 launch date, but after raising more than $14 million in funding and unveiling several impressive upgrades along the way, the system is finally starting to ship.

Getting Naked

Naked’s current retail price is $1,395, but you can reserve one for yourself by putting down a $250 deposit. Since professional athletes already have several devices at their disposal to perform these evaluations for them, it’s easy to see why everyday fitness fanatics and athletes will likely dream of having one of these multi-tasking apparatuses in their homes. If that expenditure doesn’t quite fit into your budget, you can always check out some local upscale gyms, spas, and fitness centers, most of which are expected to have at least one Naked on site to serve the needs of their members. Clothing retailers are also likely to start using them to help patrons choose the ideal sizes without having to try on countless garments to find the perfect fit.