Brass Bookends by Commune Design in L.A.

The beautiful, ancient alloy is a comeback kid. And we think the brass are going to like this! Brass is definitely worth eyeing for your home decor. Just wait until you see what we have in store.

V-Lite in Brass

Award-winning Los Angeles-based studio Commune most recently snagged the 2015 Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for Interior Design. Their clients and projects have a vast range, from Kiki de Montparnasse to Barneys New York, Ace Hotels, Coach, Gap and HBO Films. But you don’t have to be a major conglomerate to enjoy their aesthetic. Besides dreaming up large-scale commercial, hospitality and residential concepts, Commune also designs home décor – in gorgeous brass.

Brass Dome Light

These solid brass bookends (see top) feature Hex, Commune’s iconic pattern. We love their grounding solidity. Their V-lite table lamp (second image above) can also be mounted on a wall. Again, brass is the shining star here. Both their handcrafted Dome Light and Table Lamp take cues from “Viennese Secession, French 1950’s and Milanese modernist designs as seen through a California lens.” Commune believes in holistic work and collaboration with other artists and even community members.

Brass Table Lamp by Commune

Founders Roman Alonso Steven Johanknecht, Pamela Shamshiri and Ramin Shamshiri manage to beautifully merge California sensibilities with the historical and traditional references they draw inspiration from.

Brass Chandelier by Commune Design

The choice of brass (long considered a “poor man’s metal) crosses international boundaries and visions of taste. A metal alloy of copper and zinc, brass is almost neutral in its versatility for home decor, as compared to say brushed stainless steel – it’s clearly much warmer; or gold – brass evokes mid-century craftsmanship. That’s why it’s easy to picture the above lamps pretty much anywhere; in an overstuffed, majestic Viennese drawing room, a mumsy Victorian or a minimalist mansion in the Hollywood Hills. We can pretty much definitively claim: Brass is back. Be sure to check out Commune’s website to see their commercial and residential projects as well as other home décor ideas in wood, ceramic, leather and more.