The Runway series from furniture makers HighTower is all about adaptability. The universal modular pieces fit together in seemingly endless combinations, allowing you to be as creative as you want to be with your seating.

When assembled, the bench-like pieces look a bit like stylized tree branches. The slightly sloped ends of each piece allow the components to fit together snugly. Those angles also help to make it easier to stand up from a sitting position.

The pieces come in a variety of colors, including two-toned selections. Although the Runway furniture collection is meant for a public setting, it would also look amazing in a home. We’re picturing it in a huge lofted space with the “branches” stretching out across the floor in beautiful organic shapes.

“With Runway create a truly striking and unique bench all your own with the use of only a few modular elements. The possibilities are seemingly endless and always fun – use contrasting fabric to play up Runway’s geometric shapes even more. The design of the angled sides merges aesthetics and function as it offers a dynamic expression while allowing users to easily stand up from the seat. “

“Ideal for public spaces, Runway’s universal units can be configured in endless variations to suit your specific needs. Designed by Busk + Hertzog. Use one of the standard configurations as a template or combine the standard components to create a layout of your own.”

About the designers:

“Flemming Busk and Stephan Hertzog established their successful studio in Denmark in 2000. Today, their recognition goes far beyond Scandinavian borders. Their studio has won more than 30 of the most prestigious international design awards, including Red Dot Awards, IF Awards, and Good Design Awards, making them the most award-winning Danish designers of their generation.”

“Several of their designs are part of permanent exhibitions at design museums around the world. busk+hertzog’s design characteristics are sculptural, clean lines and a simple expression with minimal embellishment. Any decoration usually serves a function or is integral to the furniture. They often get their inspiration from shapes and lines…”