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As more and more people opt to work from home, more and more people are discovering just how difficult it is to separate home life from work life. The solution? A dedicated office space, preferably one detached from the main house. The Tetra Shed from Innovation Imperative is a particularly attractive example.

The Tetra Shed was meant to challenge the idea that a home office has to be a room in the home that has simply been turned into an office. Why not turn the notion on its head by creating something altogether more interesting – a space where you will actually want to spend time?

As a single unit, the Tetra Shed is just big enough for one or two people. But the units are modular and can be connected to form spaces as big as one’s imagination. These can be used for learning, guest accommodations, play, retail, or nearly anything else imaginable.

Engineered timber, matte black rubber and birch faced plywood are the simple, back-to-basics materials used to create these visually fascinating modules. Closed up in a backyard on a dark night, a single Tetra Shed looks rather like a large, dark boulder.

In the light of day, though, when the windows are opened up and sunlight pours in, the space is light and airy…and surprisingly roomier than it looks. It isn’t an executive office, but it is much larger than the cubicles many of us spend our days in.

The brilliantly minimalist sheds do not come with a minimal price tag, unfortunately. Innovation Imperative expects to charge £15,000 (around $24,000) for each unit.