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A candle stuck into the mouth of a wine bottle makes for interesting accent lighting, but this invention takes the idea into the 21st century. The rechargeable Bottlelight, designed by Steve Gates, sticks into the mouth of any empty bottle to create a lovely – and very unusual – tabletop lighting feature.

usb rechargeable cork bottle light

Candles stuck into bottles can always be blown out by the wind (if you happen to be outside) or cause a fire. The Bottlelight is far safer. The light-generating part sticks down into the bottle while the “cork” holds it in place. The cork hides the USB plug and pulls off easily when you’re ready to recharge the light.

led bottle cork lights

The very bright LED is waterproof, so even if you for some reason decided to stick it into a bottle that still contained liquid the light would likely survive (although we don’t recommend it, it would probably look really cool). The light would be a fun way to highlight a collection of attractive old bottles – but however you use it, it’s a great way to recycle empty bottles into something useful.

(images via: Gizmodo)