There probably aren’t many households in which the trash can is a central feature, but the Bruno might change that. The smart trash can is paired with an app that can give you all of the trashy info you need to keep the receptacle running smoothly. Your phone will tell you when the trash is full and when you need to buy more liners or replace the odor filter.

bruno smart can

smartcan bruno

Built into the smart can’s lid are a filter to cut down on smells, a battery indicator, and an integrated bin liner storage compartment. The lid also has a sensor that recognizes a hand wave, so you can open the lid without touching it or even stepping on a little lever.

smart trash can bruno

smart vacuuming trash can

Undoubtedly the best feature is the small vacuum built into the smart can’s base. When you’re done sweeping up a mess, just guide it with the broom into the little cutout at the bottom and the Bruno will suck it up. The can’s battery lasts for an impressive 18 months. Bruno recently raised all of its required funds on Kickstarter, so soon kitchens everywhere could be equipped with one more connected home device to bug its owners with practical reminders.