Everything from chaises and armchairs to dividers, hangers, shelves, tables and benches … can be built from a single recognizable shape: an elegantly curved line, often associated with the traditional throw-and-return boomerang.

Developed by Atmosfera, there is more to this flat-packable form than meets the eye. Consider damage, for instance – fixing furniture is not always fun or easy, but swapping out a single element in a uniform series is a relatively simple process.

Shipping and storage are also made cheaper and more efficient, since the parts break down, pack flat and nest with one another. It is kind of like Ikea hacking, but taken to a new level of streamlined modularity.

Oil-impregnated Croatian oak, weighing less than a half-kilogram per piece, forms the basis for this construction system. Stainless steel fittings allow the user to join them with strength and durability. So far, it is in early development phases, but assuming the designers find a business partner to help fund and manufacture the elements, these may soon start flying off the shelves (so to speak).