BLUE air purifier in the dining room

It may look like a fancy push-button bin – at a stretch, maybe you’d think it is an attractive side table. However,  BLUE is a super efficient air purifier, though its simple design has no exterior bells or whistles. It’s very quiet in fact, which is part of its appeal. At its inception in 2014 it won an Envisioneering Innovation & Design Award at IFA Berlin, for  ‘innovations that break new ground’  in technologies for work, home and play.

According to the Blue website – ‘”With Blue, physically active, health-conscious people – and even those who aren’t – can breathe freely.”

BLUE air purifier range of colors

They come in colors! In Cristal Pink, Buff Yellow, Lunar Rock, Diva Blue and Dark Shadow, in fact.

The colors are provided by Blue’s washable fabric pre-filter; color-coordinate your space, and then take it off and wash it in your washing machine. For use in rooms up to 50sqm in size, Blue combats airborne contaminants like smoke, pollen, dust and animal danders. When it’s hard and even unhealthy to breathe indoors, this simple air purification system removes irritants and allergens from your home.

BLUE air purifier in Cristal Pink

Air purification can promote a good night’s sleep.

It’s surprisingly large at 51cm high, though Blue is not obtrusive, as it’s an appealing feature in its own right. The fresh and modern Swedish design is fun and uplifting. Oh – and it cleans your air! Indoor air is more polluted than the great outdoors – unless you live beside a volcano. On average, it’s about 5 times more infiltrated with air contaminants, as many common household items such as plastic utensils, paint and furniture can also release chemicals into the air.

Blue air purifier in the home

Blue can fit into any interior colorway or aesthetic. From bright primary colors to more refined and subtle hues, it’s all about your lifestyle. This is something that fits right in your home while also boosting your energy levels and keeping your lungs cleaner, making it well worth the $450 investment.

But, why Blue over other air filtration systems? Well, it’s just very efficient in the world of domestic air purification. Mechanical as well as electrostatic filtration both collaborate with a powerful fan that has four huge 300 mm blades, which means it cleans faster than and eliminates smaller particles than most other domestic air cleaning systems.

Push button air purification with Blue

Did I mention how easy this is to use? Just press the front button to determine the right operating speed., and you’ll benefit from Blue’s 360-degree air cleaning operation . Yes!  That’s right! Air is filtered in  all around it.

The exterior washable fabric pre-filter (the colorful bit) catches large particles. Internally, millions of ultra-thin fibers of different sizes and layers capture airborne particles “including pollen, dust, smoke, PM2.5, mold spores, pet dander, bacteria, gaseous volatile organic compounds and other airborne contaminants.”


BLUE air purifier

The ion chamber continuously releases a flow of negatively charged ions into the air in the room.


Airborne particles in the room pick up this negative charge, and are drawn into the system through the 360° air inlet at bottom of unit. A washable fabric pre-filter captures the largest particles before the air passes through the main filter and into the unit.


The main filter then captures the smaller particles, all the way down to 0.1 microns in size.

Blue Domestic Air Purifier

Doggies!! And no sniffles!

The ‘Blue’ team of engineers and designers are based in Stockholm, Sweden – one of the world’s top ten cities for clean air. So the Scandinavian design aesthetic mixes beautifully with their search for easily accessible air quality in a portable device. Blue is good looking, effective and recyclable. And it cleans the air!

”At Blue, we believe clean air should be available to everyone. Breathing cleaner, healthier air should be a human right.”