blooming house 9

Unfolding like an origami flower, this house located near the Bukhansun National Park in Seoul, South Korea was designed to incorporate multiple outdoor spaces while taking advantage of every square inch of the available space. The polyhedral structure is built to the very borders of the lot, the facade angled for maximum privacy while maintaining views and lots of room for greenery.

blooming house 1

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The clients wanted a park-like space that would make it feel as if they were living in nature. IROJE KHM architects mimic the shapes of the nearby mountains and blur the boundaries between indoors and out with a range of private and communal spaces, including a triangular entrance with stairs set in lush green grass.

blooming house 4

blooming house 2

A variety of geometric shapes rise from the various planes of the exterior, including skylights and a glass canopy shaped like an abstract tree. A diamond-shaped concrete table serves as the focal point of the rooftop terrace, while a reflecting pool sparkles in the lower-level courtyard.

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The windows are carefully positioned to shield the occupants from the view of neighbors, while maintaining vistas of the mountains. The dynamic interior created by the home’s unusual shape includes light-filled lounge spaces adjacent to the courtyards and a second living room on the uppermost floor.