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Closed up into a tight bud by day, ‘Bloom’ opens at night to reveal the light hidden within. The lamp concept by Moscow-based designer Constantin Bolimond is inspired by the way flowers begin to bloom when the sun is shining, but with the opposite effect.

Bloom Lamp 3

Bloom Lamp 4

The curving wooden petals of the pendant lamp make ‘Bloom’ seem like some sort of hanging sculpture during daylight hours. When it’s closed, it’s kind of odd looking, its usage not readily apparent. But the magic happens when the light begins to fade.

An optical sensor detects low levels of daylight, and as it gets darker, the petals gradually spread, increasing the brightness of the lamp. You get a dynamic effect that’s cool enough to stop what you’re doing just to watch.

Bloom Lamp 2

Watching a flower bloom over your table or couch would be a pleasant way to greet the evening, and the petals could be made of various colors and materials including plastic or recycled paper.

“Design is based on flowers shape and structure. Power of lighting is regulated by the level of petals opening. Interesting effects can be implemented by using sensors. For example, optical sensor: flower opening in the dark, in this case, BLOOM will ‘bloom’ at night. Different variations are possible in colors and materials: wood, plastic, recycled paper.”