If your view is unsightly perhaps you would rather be blind to it – or use creative window coverings to block and replace it with blinds that show something better. These strange pull-down shades filter out some light, but what illumination they let through forms curious nightscapes and engaging urban views.

Somewhere between blackout blinds or window treatments for day-sleeping night-workers and paper sun shades for permeable day-lighting, these are not meant necessarily for either extreme. One could imagine the nocturnal glow of a faux city being comforting for daytime napping and at nighttime the curtains could let through a trickle of urban glow.

These may or may not go into mass-production but for now they are available with major cityscapes from around the world but, at hundreds of dollars a piece, these wonderful urban vistas from Iukbox still come at a premium price and in limited lines.