Like falling snowflakes that are never the same, no two bombs burst quite alike or create quite the same scrap from their container. That is the basis for these so-called Blast Stools, shaped by explosions that rip them open from the inside out.

In a way not too dissimilar from another notable Isreali designer, Ezri Tarazi, there is a raw violence that forms the basis of these odd furniture pieces by Guy Mishaly. No shrapnel is strewn about the blast site, however – the metal surfaces simply tear, bend and wrap to start forming the finished stools’ leg-like support columns.

“Industries develop in different regions around a quarry or readily available raw materials.  The sphere of destruction is so developed in Israel that it can almost be considered a local “raw material” around which various industries and tremendous knowledge have developed.”

Each explosive cycle of creation involves the detonation of charges lining the inside of simple geometric shapes in the same fashion, over and over. The resulting works take on different characteristics though each time, reflecting the inherent unpredictability of the process. The exploded materials may be a bit of a waste, but, practical or artistic, it sure gives new meaning to the concept of ‘creative destruction.’