We like to think of our homes as blank canvases, just waiting to be painted with our own personal touches. This couch from designer Annebet Philips really is a blank canvas – a sofa with a one-piece cover designed to leave plenty of room for personality.

My Couch, My Canvas is an unusual sofa in that it was designed to be as plain as possible. The wood and foam couch is covered by a one-piece cotton canvas slipcover that joins the body and the cushions into one simple, continuous piece.

From there, the possibilities are endless. Future versions of the sofa will be adorned with a variety of colors and patterns, which will be continuous across the body and cushions of the couch thanks to the single-piece cover. Buyers may have the option to design their own cover, or even paint or draw directly on the cover.

Interchangeable slipcovers are already in use by plenty of households to regularly change up the look of the furniture. The My Couch, My Canvas project is similar, but would allow for a greater degree of individuality. The designer’s first version features heavy black outlines, making it appear lighthearted and cartoonish.