When it comes to architectural and/or interior design, the client is always right. So when the resident requests that their home look like a Shanghai night club, who are the designers to object to this decision? Radical remodels are, after all, ‘the new black’ when it comes to adaptive reuse in architecture.

Designed by The Apartment, an NYC interiors-oriented agency, this space went from a derelict ex-YMCA filled with rusty old lockers and bland light-colored walls to a dark and intense space that does indeed look as if it might be open for some late-night business.

Intentionally gaudy gold-colored and framed faux-glamorous objects deck the walls, standing out brilliantly as bright decor against the black background. Disco-balled-shaped lights are suspended upon the likewise dark dining room table-and-chairs set that might as well be part of a VIP back-stage area.

Walls, meanwhile, are apparently for wimps – there are precious few dividers between different spaces, including a relatively wide-open bathroom with a raised (and black-tiled, of course) bathtub. Spotlights make sure nothing feels too private as well.

This design approach is definitely not for everyone. Then again, it was never intended to be. Clearly both the designer group and client were shooting for something strange, sensational, unique and inspired … if you find it less than livable, just be glad you do not have to live in it!