walking shelter shoes

Imagine carrying your shelter with you at all times, like a snail or a turtle. How comforting would it be to simply retreat into your own little habitat when life gets rough? SIBLING, an Australian design collective, has created a pair of shoes that can make that happen.

walking shelter women's shoes

tent concealed in shoes

The Walking Shelter shoes, designed for women’s retailer Gorman, are ordinary sneakers with one huge difference: they hold an entire tent. The nets on the back of the shoes hold a compact shelter that unfolds to encompass the entire body.

walking shelter tent

private walking shelter tent

When removed from the nets, the tent expands and uses the human body as a frame. It can be used in a number of ways and in a number of situations. We would love to see these shoes (or something similar) donated to homeless people as a way to give at least a little shelter for the nights they spend on the street.