Flower power takes on exalted new meaning with Turkish artist Bilge Nur Saltik’s gorgeous glass objects. Her OP-vases evoke the optical illusion of a whole bouquet inside a thick, hand-crafted and sharply hand-cut piece of glass. Meanwhile, there is just one single flower that produces the kaleidoscopic effect.


Saltik is an artist that loves creating everyday objects that reveal playful visual secrets and whimsical optical illusions. As she writes on her website: “My aim is to change the perception by giving the brain maximum information. [ …] I am manipulating the information brain receives by distorting the image with layering different materials. Playing with color and geometrical patterns enhance the optical illusions.”

Bilge Nur Saltik vase close-up

The award-winning Turkish artist, who works in London and Istanbul with traditional craftsmen and techniques, has a B.A. in Industrial Design from Yeditepe University and an M.A. from Royal College of Art. She did graphic design for Tupperware. While she creates every-day vases and dimpled glass objects whose concave cuts and sharp edges create psychedelic illusions, along with a line of minimalist ceramic tableware called Share.Food, as well as jewelry and more, Saltik is inspired by the human response to her craft and the enfolding psychological narratives. An object isn’t merely an object. Innate in it is a meta message calling out for human relation and response. Renee Magritte, who famously painted The Treachery of Images, (Ceci n’est pas une pipe) would have been pleased. Of course, this is our interpretation. Saltik does not cite the French surrealist as an influence.

Bilge Nur Saltik OP-jects

In the spring of 2015, the artist exhibited at Ventura Lambrate in Milan, Italy, an international design show held annually in April. The OP-vase comes in three sizes ($350-$450) and can be purchased at For more information on the artist, visit