bumblebee fixie pizza cutter
What could be more fun than a day spent riding around on your trendy fixed-gear bike and then stopping for some fresh-made artisanal pizza? Maybe baking up a frozen pizza and cutting it with a cutter that looks like a bike?
fixed gear bike novelty pizza cutters
Designers of fun things doiy have introduced a unique pizza cutter they call “the Fixie.” Modeled after the fun fixed-gear bikes that have been ubiquitous in cities for many years now, the cute pizza cutter has circular blades for its front and rear wheels.
watermelon fixie cutter
As novel and adorable as the Fixie is, it could do with an ergonomic upgrade. The place meant to be grasped by the user’s hand is tiny and looks like it would cause some serious hand cramps, if not huge slashes from the razor-sharp wheels.
fixie pizza cutters

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Still, we love a good novelty kitchen tool. The little stand that comes with the Fixie is a nice touch that would let you display it right on the countertop. The cutter comes in bumblebee or watermelon color schemes for €17.95 (around $24.50 US).