Public Work Stand - Bike Fixation
The founders of Bike Fixation had their “aha moment” during a bachelor party pub crawl. They’d shown up on their bikes (we don’t know why either), and when one of them got a flat tire and there was nowhere to fix it or buy patching supplies from, a collective lightbulb came on. “That experience demonstrated how much infrastructure is in place for cars but not for cyclists,” reads the company website, “and we saw this as an opportunity. Our vision then was to enable everyone to maintain their bikes and make small repairs themselves, and to be able to install the parts they buy from us whenever needed.” Today, Bike Fixation offers a variety of practical products and services for cyclists in the U.S. and, little by little, overseas, too.
Public Work Stand - Bike Fixation
Our favorite product has got to be the company’s Deluxe Public Work Stand, which allows you to fix, pump up, or change the tires on two bikes at the same time. This convenient workstation is equipped with a slew of wrenches, hex keys, tire levers, and screwdrivers, all secured to retractable cables to prevent you from getting tangled up. We’re hoping cities across the country will start installing these in parks and next to bus stops very soon!
For those locations whose surfaces are too bumpy or unstable to support a full work stand, the company has created a Public Toolbox. This wall-mounted kit dangles eight bike-specific instruments from a set of stainless-steel cables — the perfect piece of gear to be placed along bike trails or throughout bike-friendly cities.
Public Toolbox - Bike Fixation
We all know that correctly inflated tires are essential for safe and comfortable rides. With this in mind, Bike Fixation has developed a series of pumps designed for both in and outdoor use. The pumps include a standard 18-inch hose and a set of nozzles designed to fit almost any bike. If you need a little more flexibility, you can always opt for the company’s longer 35-inch hose.
Wash and Fill Station - Bike Fixation
To keep both cyclist and bicycle comfortable, the company also came up with a nifty Wash and Fill Station. The “Wash” is intended to clean mud-encrusted bikes. Take advantage of the station’s scrubbing and tire brushes, and zap dirt away with its bike-safe, environmentally friendly, high-pressure water hose. The “Fill” part is for you: there’s a convenient nozzle on the device for filling up water bottles and hydration bladders. To reduce plastic waste, the Wash and Fill was designed to accommodate reusable containers.
Above all else, Bike Fixation wants cyclists to have easy access to the products they need. For this reason, the company has even started selling high security vending machines. These machines range from wall-mounted, which hold 15 items, all the way up to full-sized, which carry larger emergency supplies.
Vending Machine - Bike Fixation

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Since its inception, the company has expanded beyond the cycling world and developed a set of ski and snowboard repair stations. Like their bike counterparts, these workbenches already have the necessary tools attached to them, so you can fix your ride quickly and get back to the fun.