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When you were a little kid, did you ever wish you could actually climb into your awesome Lego creations? We sure did, and that all came rushing back when we saw EverBlocks. These life-size lego blocks fit together just like their toy counterparts, but they let you build actual, usable structures instead of just mini replicas.

everblocks sofa

everblocks room divider

The blocks come in full-size (one foot long), half-size (six inches long), quarter-size (three inches long), and finishing caps, all of which interlock. To put together a large, functional structure, you have to use a combination of Lego building methods and conventional construction principles.

modular building

everblocks building

Just like with LEGOs, to connect and build your structure up, each layer has to cover the seams of the layer below it. For added structural security, each block has a channel built into it to accommodate reinforcement rods. Connector clips and metal baseplates can add to the structures’ stability.

everblocks trade show booth

modular shelving units

EverBlock has some intriguing ideas for potential uses for their giant blocks. On their site, they suggest that the system could be used to construct temporary modular buildings. The structures could be used as emergency shelter or temporary workspaces. When it’s time to move on, they can be taken apart and reused in some other place. There are no tools involved in building or un-building, so they can be reused over and over.

coffee table everblocks

The blocks come in 14 sizes, including metallic gold and silver, which can be put together in endless combinations to create your very own customized lego furniture, room dividers, trade show booths, toys, and whatever else you can dream up. The company can even rent you blocks for special events or provide design and installation services. But we’re 100% sure it’ll be more fun to build those projects yourself. What would you build if you had your own set of life-size Lego bricks?