broken pot fairy garden montage

A slight variation on the popular Fairy Garden phenomena, some people have taken to upcycling broken and abandoned ceramic pots into layered scenes of all sorts.

Uses for broken pots

A Redditor submitted one set of such images, shown above, but there are other examples as well on forums and gardening sites around the internet that can serve as inspiration for those inclined to make their own variants.

Fairy Gardens 101 shows a few, for instance, in greater detail, featuring more fantastical landscapes and other miniature architecture.

broken pot fairy garden example

The trick, it would seem, is simply to take advantage of the layered views afforded by a broken edge, and to use shards to shore up walkways and platforms to give the entire scene a sense of elevation and implied paths of circulation or at least space to spill over.

The aesthetic need not be limited to fairy fantasies, but they provide a familiar baseline from which more experimental garden artists could easily deviate.

broken pot fairy garden with a tiny tree

If you’re wondering how to make a fairy garden, Country Living has lots of ideas and inspiration. Beyond broken pottery, you could use tea cups, stumps, pine cones, wooden crates and a host of other vessels to start with.

Miniature fairytale-style houses, the tiniest ornate doors, mushrooms, delicate fairy string lights on copper wires and plants with tiny blossoms are all atmospheric additions.

broken pot fairy garden DIY

You could even use an existing tree trunk in your yard as the basis of your own DIY fairy garden. Make a tiny door out of plywood, metal, polymer clay or another durable material and secure it to the base of the tree. Then, add all of your accessories around it.

If you’re not feeling crafty enough to attempt your own custom creation, the video above will lead you through a step by step tutorial using many premade materials that are easy to find.