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Black interiors get boring, white walls can be overwhelming, but what happens when you mix modern black-and-white surfaces, furniture, design and decor with bright and dazzling colored lighting? In this case: an incredible home office solution with elegant executive-style work space and living areas that speak to comfort and class.

best home office black white

In the workstation area, mostly-black built-in fixtures and furnishings line each white wall while a likewise black-and-white themed modular desk-plus-chairs system can be redeployed or removed to accommodate computer requirements, larger meetings or guest sleeping accommodations.

best home office colors

Painted wood cabinets, shelves and storage accessories gain a new kind of brilliance, however, when illuminated by glowing green, purple, blue and yellow lights. Glass exterior walls provide wonderful views out on the surrounding city as well. If the business idea does not work out, this live-and-work space could be redesigned by its architects (Schlosser + Partner) and converted into an exclusive lounge or night club!