Bridal leather, saddle stitched, with custom metal fasteners … it all sounds so elegant, which makes the uniquely bent and angled shapes of these suitcases and chests and pop out all the more.

Using such traditional techniques and materials, it is tough to set creative work apart from ordinary vintage and retro objects. Hence the twisting and curving found in each piece by Williams.

Naturally the pragmatist will object to the offbeat forms they take, but after buying such a fine work would you really toss it carelessly into a trunk, let alone fly with it on an airplane? Probably not – many of these are as much decor as they are travel cases, and could of course be crafted to fit individual shelves, steps and other home spaces.

Some smaller hand-held works, though, may be well-suited to making a splash at an office or other business affair – conventional enough to be professional, but artsy enough to create a lasting impression.