While most desk lamps are predictable and a bit boring, these two are anything but. They begin from essentially the same starting point: a lighted silver-colored tube. But from there, they go in different directions to deliver two almost unbelievably unusual lamps.

The PizzaKobra is a sleek flexible tube that starts out as a flat coil (kind of like a pizza) and extends upward until it looks like a cobra that is ready to strike. It can take on any number of shapes and positions thanks to its flexibility, allowing it to shine a light wherever it’s needed.

The Paperclip Lamp is exactly what it sounds like: a lamp that looks just like an over-sized paperclip. Like the PizzaCobra, its body is flexible and can be repositioned again and again, taking on whatever position gives the best light quality. Thanks to its original paperclip shape, it fits in perfectly with office interiors.