narcissus reflective vases

Greek mythology gave us the unforgettable story of Narcissus: the remarkably handsome hunter who fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water. He was so enamored of his own appearance that he could not leave it and drowned there. Now, a genus of perennial flowers bears the lovely lad’s name.

narcissus vase reflective collar

Playing off of the combined themes of plants and reflections, Polish design team New Craft have created a series of hand-crafted vases that allow beautiful plants or cut flowers to admire their own reflections.

The Narcissus vases are made by glassblowers; each includes a reflective copper collar made by metal spinning in an independent workshop. Metal bases are then welded together one at a time to hold the glass and copper vases.

glass and copper reflective vases

Thanks to the handcrafted nature of the Narcissus vases, each one is slightly different. Their delicate but stable construction would make Narcissus himself pleased to see his reflection in their copper collars.