Modern bedroom design ideas

Do you prefer plush padding, a minimalist pillow, a decked-out design or toned-down interior? From dazzling and artistic abstract designs to humorously offbeat sleeping spaces, here are seven brilliant modern bedroom design ideas to inspire your imagination. Who knows, with a few decorative adjusts you might be able to remodel your own bedrooms to similar effect.

Creative modern bedroom design with built-in lighting

If you love soft illumination and hate to sacrifice privacy, this bedroom interior has a brilliant combination of strategies from uplighting around the bed itself to wall panels that block direct views and sunlight but let light in around them. Dramatic headboards, sculptural lighting features and fluffy white bedding all complement one another and add to the ambiance.

Paneled minimalist bedroom design

If you’re more of a minimalist, this simple bedroom space has a rhythmic modularity and combines soft white walls and ceiling with variegated wood furniture and furnishings for a pleasantly mixed aesthetic experience.  Minimalist bedroom designs can feel a little too hotel-like for some, but sometimes all it takes to counteract that effect is adding a few items of a more personalized nature.

Swimming pool dream bedroom

At the opposite end of the spectrum, how would you like to have your bedroom be in the middle of your swimming pool room? You would have to love swimming to be willing to deal with the moisture issues and harsh lighting that would come with this design strategy, but it’s definitely an attention-grabber.

Clean white modern bedroom design Creative DIY headboard idea for bedrooms Minimalist bedroom design idea

Of course, good bones help, so if you’re lucky enough to have a home with historic elements or striking architectural features, they can play a starring role in your modern bedroom design. Brick walls, huge windows and industrial details are all beautiful, but even a humble and ordinary room can serve as a perfectly great backdrop for the furniture and decor of your choice. Take a look around and decide what you’d like to highlight or disguise as you plan your bedroom makeover, make a list of your favorite colors and materials, and you’ll have a great starting point for a whole new look.