bedroom design pictures

Amazing pictures and great ideas can be almost as helpful in designing the best new bedroom as having a cool designer – and inspiration is free. From retro and vintage to modern and bohemian, small spare rooms to magnificent master bedrooms, here are some of the most creative and unique photos of bedroom interior designs online.

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bedroom design color theme

Cool & Hot Colored Bedroom Design: An age-old interior designer trick is to start with a great color palette and work from there, finding, designing and painting around that first defining choice. From simple modern black, white or grey palettes the bright blue, yellow and red choices in the pictures above, this is a good way to start small and build a big space around a tiny color concept.

bedroom design exotic theme

Themed & Bohemian Bedroom Design: For those of a slightly different stripe (zebra, perhaps?) there are a number of ways to transform master and guest bedrooms into great spaces. Retro and vintage can be cool, but these images illustrate people who have gone all the way to tropical Pacific Island green, water-filled Far East blue or simple mellow Western-Style (yacht) white-and-yellow.

bedroom design elegant interiors

Elegant, Classic & Stately Bedroom Design: Before you get too carried away in one direction with ideas for your own designer bedroom, it is worth keeping in mind that there are creative design concepts of all kinds. While some will find these traditional styles stuffy and boring, they can actually become fairly amazing quite quickly with anything from faux-panoramic Roman-ruins scenery to miniature-replica Egyptian-god fountains.

bedroom design glamorous kitsch

Glamorous, Over-the-Top & Celebrity-Style Bedroom Designs: Once again making a mighty leap in design, these pictures show that stripping poles and sparkling pink are still in style for some people as well. While they might be cool and fun for a temporary hotel room stay, they are not the kinds of places most of us would feel comfortable creating in our own house or home.

bedroom design asian japanese chinese

Japanese, Chinese & Other Asian Theme Bedroom Designs: Saved for last, inspiration from the Far East can be dangerous – it is a small step from cultural curiosity to crazy kitsch. Nonetheless, there are designer lessons to be learned from the ways in which these spaces are organized, colored and decorated even if taking direct aesthetic ideas might not be the best idea.