The endless cycle of the moon affects us in ways that most of us don’t fully understand. Besides controlling the tides, folk wisdom holds that the phase of the moon controls everything from the success of crops to the health of one’s teeth. A group of designers set out to create a room that reflects this natural pattern.

The Lunatic Room uses fluid wall projections as a sort of ambient almanac to reflect nature’s ever-flowing path. The images feature flowing plants, wild animals and slightly less natural images such as playing cards.

Patterns play a large role in the room’s design. They take their shapes from natural objects and slowly move across the walls with the grace of rolling clouds.

Objects inside the room also reflect the purpose of the design project. The window coverings shield the inhabitants from the effects of the moon’s rays – whether they be good or bad – and the bed linens, according to the design team, act as a “radiograph which displays the weak bodies.”