Pack and travel smart: Raden Luggage

The world around us is getting smarter. Well, at least our gadgets are. One of the latest utilitarian objects to come equipped with smart technology? Luggage! Raden, a new company based in New York, has come up with a line of gorgeous suitcases designed to help you have a better, more “seamless” travel experience. Each of their pieces of luggage connects to an app that assists you with the following: Thanks to an integrated scale (it’s built into the ergonomic carry handle) it lets you know how much your luggage weighs. This eliminates the awkward at-home-stepping-on-a-scale- maneuver with and without the suitcase to hopefully determine it’s not too heavy. It also has Bluetooth proximity sensors that will let you know when your luggage is coming down the carousel, and it tracks its location, so you will know whether it landed safely. And, it will also tell you the average TSA wait time as well as weather and traffic conditions. It stays charged and ready thanks to two USM ports.


The smart technology also features instant mobile chat support. All you have to do is go “Hey Raden,” and the app will say “Hey dude. What can I help you with?” (We’re fictionalizing a bit. It will address you by your first name). Aside from this practical stuff, the hard-shell design is clean, minimalist and light – featuring Makrolon polycarbonate. One can choose from the Raden A50 Set ($595), which includes a 22″ carry-on case and a 28″ check-in case available in 8 colors ranging from white, matte/glossy black, hunter green and navy to feminine lavender and light pink. Then there’s the A28 Check ($395) and A22 Carry ($295). Like most new models on the market, the (double-spinning Japanese) wheels feature convenient 360° maneuverability.






It looks smart and acts smart. And we love the idea of getting a text from our carry-on! So to speak.