swing bin designer trash can

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This beautiful piece of design doesn’t look like anything you would ever associate with trash, but it is in fact one of the most stylish trash receptacles ever designed.

black swing bin

Swing Bin from designer Shigeichiro Takeuchi is simply a cylinder with a piece of swinging wood balanced on its top. There are no screws, no bolts, no little pieces of plastic to hold the lid on.

inventive design swing bin trash can

The lid is simply cut with two small notches in the sides. The bin has two corresponding protuberances that hold the lid in place. The lid balances perfectly on the bin, swinging open and shut with no need for help.

swing bin removable lid

No trash bin, even the beautiful ones, are going to stay clean given the nature of their function. But the Swing Bin cleans up easily when you simply lift the wooden lid up and off.

white swing bin

Although it’s beautifully designed, the Swing Bin’s appearance isn’t complex – and it certainly doesn’t give away the true nature of its function at first glance.