Water Fall Countertop Water Filter stylish

Refrigerator water filters have done a lot to get people to drink more water, but they definitely aren’t pretty enough to put out on the dining table. KOR Water has created a water filter that is not only effective at making your drinking water cleaner; it does it with an elegant carafe that you can actually put out on the table.

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Water Fall Countertop Water Filter

The Water Fall filtration system is reminiscent of the pour-over coffee method. Its frame sits in a frame on your countertop; the internal filter is made of coconut shells and lasts for four months, or around twice as long as other filters.

A carafe fits under the frame and catches the water as it passes through the filter. Because you can just remove the carafe once it’s filled, you can fill as many as you want. The filter stays on the counter so all that goes with you is the lovely glass carafe.

Water Fall Countertop Water Filter with bottle

Being able to fill multiple carafes gives you the freedom to make several varieties of infused waters to serve all at once, or even to keep a carafe on your bedside table. The screw-on lids even let you keep the water fresh and debris-free. Kor is raising funds on Kickstarter to fund their new product; pre-orders of the Water Fall system are available starting at $69.

Water Fall Countertop Water Filter in fridge

More from the designers

“We spent nearly two years creating the first beautiful product that solved these issues.  Since we started KOR, we’ve been designing better ways to hydrate and ‘live life at our KOR’.  After years of reinventing the reusable water bottle, we’re proud to announce Water Fall by KOR, another product that will disrupt the norm, improve the environment and change lives for the better.”

Water Fall Countertop Water Filter coconut

“The filter is the most critical element of any water filter device, and with Water Fall by KOR we worked hard to create the best. We partnered with world-class experts to help us develop a natural, coconut shell filter that produces clean, great-tasting water. Coconut shells are widely recognized as the most effective material for carbon filtration and they are a renewable and health-safe resource.”