At first glance, these vessels and candle holders appear to be no more than unfinished line drawings on white paper. But the Kishu collection by Maya Selway is actually a functional set of sculptural home decor items, crafted from oxidized copper and weighted carefully to help them balance.

Set against a white backdrop, the objects create an optical illusion of two-dimensionality. Selway, a silversmith and jeweler who has also worked in theater set design, had to experiment with the weight and design of each object to ensure that it would stand upright despite being little more than an outline.

The design won second prize in the Object category at the Interieur Design Awards at the Interieur design biennale in Kortrijk, Belgium.

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While the bowls and bottles can’t actually hold anything, the vase comes with a shallow silver dish at the base to hold a small amount of water.