overhead built in bookcases

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From relaxed readers to avid word nerds, no one needs easy access to all of their books all of the time – but many of us still hang onto old favorites even if are are not planning to open these dust-gathering volumes for decades to come.

overhead wall bookshelves

More than just a way of organizing, bookshelves have a way of becoming a core element of decor within a home before we even realize it – spanning entire sides of rooms and adding more detail than any other furniture object within a given space.

overhead wall book shelves

Layers of stacked, slanted and straight-standing books add color, depth and life to a room – particularly when they are allowed to crawl like ivy to the ceiling and branch out sideways over doors and windows to encompass an entire interior zone.

overhead book shelving units

This collection over overhead bookcase photographs from Apartment Therapy makes no attempt to cover cutting-edge designs or specifically clever space-saving strategies – it simple documents the organic beauty of books that make their ways along walls and take over living, dining and bedrooms of book-lovers around the world.