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Barns tend to be rich in history but mixed in terms of materiality, made for functional on-the-farm purposes with owners little realizing they might one day live where pigs and chickens used to lay (eggs or otherwise).

This structure is a lovely layered and deeply-textured exception – particularly following a fantastic renovation effort turning it into a downright dazzling contemporary house.

SHED architects worked some serious wonders in programming this old building with a workroom, kitchen, lofted living area, guest apartment and multiple bathrooms. All of this also had to be done with historic preservation in mind.

Skylights and bay windows opened up the interior to let in additional daylight, while a limited material and color palette kept any additions from drawing attention away from the existing elements. Meanwhile, recycled surface materials, plumbing pipes and more were utilized throughout.

Salvaged exterior siding became interior paneling – scrap floorboards turned into new stairs, trim and counter-top material. ?All in all, there is a timeless look to the end product; a traditional farmstead structure has definitely been giving a great new lease on life.