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It takes someone who has had panic and anxiety attacks to understand how to halt them in their tracks. Designer Ramon Telfer has drawn on his own experiences with anxiety to create a hand-held calming device that can help alleviate anxiety.

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Telfer’s Calming Stone uses sensory experiences to help calm the nerves and create a sense of peace. It is shaped like a smooth pebble that’s easy and pleasant to hold in the palm.

scent capsule integrated headphone

integrated nightlight

A small opening in the face of the pebble releases cool air to help the user breathe easier. A cartridge can be added to release a calming scent like lavender, and a removable earbud can be used to walk the user through guided meditations.

A built-in nightlight lets the user find the calming device even in the middle of the night. Telfer has created a 3D printed prototype and has tested the concept during his own panic attacks to refine and improve on the idea.