Slokoski FRAME Chair

Subtitled ‘Memories Yet To Come,’ the Slokoski Frame Chair is not for the bashful.  The flamboyant and playful chair epitomizes luxe living and could be considered as the ultimate posing accessory: Be your own artwork! The ‘Expose’ company introduced the chair at the ‘Maison and Objet’ Paris Trade Fair in 2013. It was created in a collaboration between Bulgarian architect George Slokoski, his artist brother Peter, and the furniture and product manufacturer Angel Mangarakov.

Slokoski Frame Chair - Memories Yet To Come

A heavy baroque frame in gold or silver showcases a plush velvet interior in royal purple or silver grey. Soft, comfortable and fabulous, it’s the height of bling and will ensure that you’re the talking point of the room. According to the Slokoski website:
“Bold and brimming with personality, the chair sets up an exciting ambiance and an exclusive atmosphere. Impressive with its dimensions, but surprisingly comfortable, its surreal concept creates a sense of welcome.”
This is a high concept item, hence the incorporation of ‘memories’ in its name.  It’s designed to enable you to make your own memories, not simply to look at a framed photograph and reminisce, but to be a living, breathing testament to your experience as it unfolds in this massive gold or silver frame – and in your own time frame: “looking through, participating and instinctively sensing that the best (memories) are still to come.”

Slokoski Frame Chair - With Multiple Seats

Aiming to be exclusive, extravagent and provocative Expose describes the chair as ‘interesting, out-of-the-mundane and decadent’.  They specialize in ‘artisan craftsmanship and on the execution of the products in small, exclusive series’. Do you fancy showing off with all your fashion-savvy friends? Well invest in a couch – the chair can be customized to be as big as you wish. Just provide a magnificent and grandiose space in which to frame it, then your friends can take it in turns to join you on the couch, or to take photos. In a surreal recreation of the living portraits in the ‘Harry Potter’ series, these magnificently framed chairs are made to house living images.

The  Slokoski Frame Chair is intended for exclusive clubs, hotel and restaurant lobbies, theater and concert halls – though if you’re absolutely rolling in lucre, you could order a private one for your home.  Just make sure there’s enough space – unless you’re simply happy to be cramped up and watching TV from the comfort of your own luxurious picture-frame chair.

If you would prefer the customized version and you insist on only the very best, you can order it with genuine gold or silver leaf. It can be designed and manufactured  with fabrics and colors of your choice. It can be stenciled with your own initials (or with your exclusive company logo), or it can be customized to be longer than a four-seater.

When you’ve come to the combination that suits you best, you can just sit pretty in your very own picture gallery created by the Slokoski Frame Chair, and become the resident artwork.