Sometimes it is hard to get started designing a room when there are some many styles and approaches to choose from. Bathrooms are particularly difficult to picture unless you have an example image in front of you. In that spirit, here are twelve bathroom design pictures to get your started including bathrooms divided into four sections that range from rustic to futuristic, conventional to modern and more.

Naturally Rustic: these images depict delightful nature-integrated bathroom designs that are uncompromising modern their modern minimalism when it comes to the materials, surfaces and fixtures. Nonetheless, by tapping into the outdoors around them that modernism is softened by the surrounding environment (Images via Evan Mandala and Kim Stapleton).

Fantastically Futuristic: At the entirely opposite end of the spectrum are the forward-thinking high-tech bathrooms of tomorrow that exist far more frequently in fantasy than reality – so far at least. Imagine dark pools cutting through stone floors or dazzling digital displays surrounding you on all sides – interesting or too much?

Perfectly Picturesque: Fantastic design for some means futurism but for others it means looking to the past and drawing from long-standing design traditions and more conventional hand-crafted decorations. These images evoke peaceful feelings of childhood or distant images of long-gone royalty. (Image via Bora and Wastubali)

Marvelously Modern: Between the opposite-of-the-spectrum possibilities of super-futuristic bathroom interiors and charmingly conventional designs exist the artistic, elegant and ultimately simple ideas that are borne mainly of contemporary variations on traditional modern design. (Images via Masha and Gufron)