Adjustable flow, rain-style spray, and the other typical effects are in place that would make this your usual luxury shower fixture – but the LED lighting sets it somewhat apart from the rest, even if the the company spend about health and wellness benefits seems a bit too colorful (in more ways than one).

The claim from HydroChromotherapy is that sound, light and color are major players that influence states of mind. Frankly, that sounds a tad far-fetched, but certainly there is something to be said for setting the mood via any one of a number of available colors and flows (settings range from one-color to rainbow and low-pressure to high).

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Setting the stage is done by a remote control, hand-held device (also of sleek design) and the shower button itself simply activates the head with whatever programmed selection has been made. Superfluous? Perhaps, but it might be at least fun to play with, if not truly hydro-theraputic and despite there not yet being a handheld version (which would be another nice way to control the color spray).