front shower copper sculpture

While there are plenty of luxury bathroom fixture companies out there, few truly capture the essence of a unique, artistic bathroom. Visionary bathroom fixture company Hansgrohe has teamed up with two top design teams to create what they call the Axor WaterDreams installations – Axor being Hansgrohe’s high-end product lines.

copper shower installation by front

Swedish design team Front took the conventional shower and opened its workings up to the world. Rather than walled-in pipes, a spout and a shower head sticking through the wall and a couple of handles, Front re-imagined the shower as a massive copper sculpture.

front copper shower installation

Bringing the pipes out from their usual hiding places in walls, Front’s design is a sculpture that draws you into a world usually unseen. The designers want to encourage a feeling of connection between the shower-taker and the path that the water takes – a journey that we seldom contemplate.

nendo shower light fixtures

Nendo founder Oki Sato approached the project from a completely different perspective. Rather than reinventing the bathroom, he decided to mash up the bathroom and the living room by making lamps into functional showers. The light illuminates the water as it falls, creating a truly unique shower experience.

raining light fixtures

The goal of this unusual coupling was to bring typical living area fixtures (such as lamps and hanging lights) into a new dimension. By adding water to the lighting fixtures themselves, the designer calls into question everything we’ve ever thought about the different zones of our homes.

nendo light and water

These designs are not meant to be used in the modern household. Rather, they are a look into the future. How will we define our homes in the coming decades? How will we decide which parts of the home serve which functions? The design experiment is a solid look into the possibilities of making homes into works of art as well as the places we rest our bodies at night.